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Monday, December 22, 2014

Back in Sapuk

IT is so good to be back in chuuk it is amazing to see everyone and
how much they have grown and changed it is crazy! It is like i have
been gone for years how big some of these kids are! the work in sapuk
is amazing there are 2 sister missionaries that i served with in guam
that are there! They finished their missions but they still have the
fire like they are still missionary's so we just follow  them around and
it is amazing! This area is going to blow up!!!! I am excited!

well the computers are super slow so this is about it! I almost gave
up and just got off because it was so slow but ahaahah you guys got

love elder hunter

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Home for Christmas

Guess what i am going back to CHUUK!!!!!! WOHHHHHHWHWHWWHHOOOOOO haah
back to Sapuk! I have known for the last 2 weeks and have just been going crazy wanting to
tell everyone! I leave on Friday so lets hope the packages come soon!!!!

The Martins (senior couple) posted a picture of Jameson with 3 broken fingers! Broke them doing hand stands or some something crazy, who knows, but they said that hasn't slowed him down a bit! 
He is so excited to go back to Chuuk!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014



How was your thanksgiving? I bet it was so nice to be in town, i think i remember being in town for thanksgiving like 2 times in my whole life because we were always somewhere for one of my soccer tournaments!

Thanksgiving here was awesome, we really stressed on teaching about being thankfull for all of our countless blessings. and ways we can show our heavanly father that we are thankful! and
it was really awesome it was a very strong spirit this week, but it was also the first time that I felt a little home sick in a long long time. I really really miss chuuk! Haha and all of you to hahah!
The missionary party thing was really fun! there was a lot of really good food! and it is true the Martins are both amazing cooks! elder martin always reminds me of dad because he loves curry! while we ate
we watched meet the mormons which is really good! then after i took all of the left overs hahah i took so much 
food, you can ask the Martins, a lot of extra food! Even today there is still tons left!

Then i think it was on Thursday this pohnepeien family called us up and said that they needed help. 
so we drove over there and asked them what kind of help that they needed. They told us that they bought a 
turkey and they wanted me to cook it because they had no idea how???? well what am i supposed to do haha
i told them that i had been a vegetarian my whole life, they didn't know what that ment so i had to explain it but, 
they still thought i was the only one to do it! haha so i asked them where it was and it was still in the freezer 
rock solid! i told them to take it out and we could do it tomorrow! don't tell anyone but i used their computer 
and youtubed it "how to cook a Turkey" then i went and bought a bunch of stuff like "sage and Rosemary " and i 
made their turkey and it turned out super good! I was super surprised! haha

yesterday well i guess today for you i gave a talk in sacrament meeting! i was way nervous giving a talk in 
english is the worst but i did give a long testemony in chuukese! anyway i gave my talk on one of the confrence talks
the one called "yes lord i will follow thee!" it was the guy from spain or something! so if you read that you will love it 
because you can think about me talking on it! then President Zarbock's daughter gave her homecoming talk she just got back from her missin in north Carolina! and then president Zarbock was the last speaker! it was fun! there was another chuukese lady that got baptised this week by the sisters! her name is Fermina and i got to interview her and she is awesome!
I love chuukese ladys!!!they are just so nice.

did you get my letters and the memory cards? could you send some eye contact solution? and maybe some more Peanut Butter!

i love you all so much! this was a long letter it is weird hahah i hope you liked it!!

Elder Hunter a.k.a. NIKASUK    

Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov. 23, 2014

Hey mom how is it going??

This week was a really good one! And that Chuukese lady that I was telling you about got baptized and it was 
really really cool! I love her she is going to be a super good member! I already wrote you a hand written letter 
so that explains most of the week but i am alive and doing good! Today we went and played football and rugby 
in the rain and it was pretty fun! we got super muddy!

November 16, 2014

Wow that is so cold I am going to die! I get freezing and need a jacket if it gets to 80! hahah I am toast!
This week was a super good week working really hard as always! We didn't get to have are baptism because
 there was some problems but this week for sure! 

This week me and my comp just walked everywhere it was super fun just got to talk to a lot more people and it reminded
me of chuuk! The work is just alot more fun when you are walking around sweating and talking to everyone! Then you come home and you are so dead you don't even want to eat, but instead of just going to bed you work out super hard and then make A ton of food and then right when you lay down on the soft tile room you are gone! And then wake up work out again and It starts all over haha! I love my comp he is so funny!

I wrote you and shea a letter i will send it today!

love elder hunter 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Another Good Week

Ranannim ngonuk!!!!

This was a good week and sorry that I haven't been emailing I just get really busy!
But me and Elder Ladore have been killing it we are expecting to get 4 baptisms this week so that should
be super good! we are teaching a big chuukese family from pata! They are awesome! One of the kids had a birthday 
and so I bought a ton of pizza and we went over there and had a party!! It was super fun! The mom should be getting baptized this week with her daughter!

Love, Elder Hunter

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Best Birthday 21

My brithday was super good!! Thank you so much for the box! You are super smart you already knew that whatever I got in the box I would just give away to the kids. You sent stuff that the kids would love hahah so it was super awesome and the kids loved it! I am still saving the long balloons for making animals and stuff for a special occasion! So thank you again it was super great!!! I gave most of the toys to my favorite chuukese family, and haha it turns out that the mom is married to one of the guys from Wichap so right away we just clicked and I call all the little kids my nephews! That family is amazing I just hang out with them every Sunday and whenever I can haha I just sit and talk to the mom her name is Chena and her sister Donna for ever! Let's  see, conference was super good! I can't wait till it gets printed out so I can study the talks more!!! 

Haha it is funny that you found out that I am a district leader I wasn't planning on telling anyone  but it is going good! I am really working hard to lead my district and set the best example I can for them and just show them how the work is really done! haha but I'm still having as much fun as ever! I am really starting to work with the ward and get things rolling because before nothing was happening! It is fun to give trainings every week but I am not very good hahah but it is still fun and a good chance to serve! um there is this chuukese lady that is in the hospital that I have been going to see! She has cancer but she is just the sweetest lady! Today I gave her a blessing and i felt the spirit super strong so I think that she is going to be ok! 

Me and my comp are doing awesome! I mean how could we not be haha we are working so hard there is no room for us not to get along! I am working hard to help him learn english. Every day we work on this big packet and it is going really well! We have a lot of super good investigators! There is this pohnpeien family that is just amazing a couple of them are already baptized but soon they all will be! My pohnpeien is pretty good now! Of corse we have a ton of chuukese people that we teach and more we find everyday!! haha i am getting kinda skinny!haahh i just never have time to eat very much or work out to much but I am going to work on that! I am just happy!!! Super tired but happy! 

Love, Elder Hunter

General Conference Potluck

Monday, September 22, 2014

Another Super Good Week

Hello everyone!!

This week was another super good week! I don't know if I already told you this but an elder from pohnpei that served on chuuk is now staying with us and it has been amazing! We taught soooo many lessons this week it was awesome! We did splits alot it was super fun! It is perfect because he knows chuukese and pohnpeien so it is awesome! I am learning ponhpeien really fast and it is super fun! We had another baptism this week! A super cute girl named Chanet, she is awesome and super super smart way smarter than most kids! And then after church on Sunday we went over and barbecued with her family! It was a super good week! This week is transfers and I think  that me and Elder Rice are going to split up and it will just be me and elder Ladore!! Still a dream team! chuukese and pohnpeien! hahah well that is about it love you all!!

Elder Hunter

Monday, September 15, 2014

Truck loads of Investigators

WOW this was a crazy week! Lots of super good things have been happening in our area!
So we have been working super hard with a bunch of families one of them is a family from Wichap my first area and 
they pretty much adopted me into there family haha i freaking love them! And on Saturday I baptized there son Jomano and he is super awesome haha he is crazy smart and has a vary strong testimony! And he is only 8 years old! I love this kid so much I always sit with
him in  church and he just always wants to follow me around! He is like my chuukese Chase!!!haha Then there is another family that we have been working really hard with and she was supposed to get baptized as well but her dad couldn't make it so we decided to do it this coming Saturday! There should be 2 other Chuukese  teenagers that should be baptized as well! His name is Chenry and the other is Bradly and these  two kids are changing there family's life and everyone in there neighborhood it is awesome these kids are just studs! Some times we have lessons with a big group of kids that live by these two kids and it ends up being around 20 or 25 people! hahh And they all want to come to church! This Sunday we had 13 investigators that came to church and like 7 or 8 less actives and there families it was crazy we had to get like 3 truck loads and then one guy even drove back to get a second load! Me and Elder Rice really want to start a group over here in tamuning because it is just blowing up!! haha and it would be all micronisions!! ahah Oh and we had a couple lessons with two Chinese family's haha it was awesome there is a family fromTaiwan   and they are just inviting all of there friends to have lessons with us and it is really cool! And they make really really good food!!!! but this one Chinese lady she is going to get baptized right when missionary's   get to China she is so prepared and we had some awesome lessons   with her! 
What else???? oh we watched this skateboarder almost get hit by a car and then they ran over his board! we watched the whole thing it was funny you could tell he was saying alot of F words and then after they talked for a while he just walked off in anger! we were going to follow him and go teach him but some how he gave us the slip!hahaa hmmm i think that is al the good stuff! oh we had a meeting with elder Ringwood I think he is a quorum  of the 70 or something like that! but it was a super good meeting! it was all mainly focused on 3 nifai 11!! that is an amazing chapter!

 love you all a ton!!!

Elder Hunter!!! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

4 Chuukese Elders

Hello my favorite woman in the whole world who I love soo much!

Sorry I didn't write you last week. It was a holiday and so none of the library's were open and so everyone was at the office so I didn't even try I just played basket and volly!
But don't worry I am doing super good! Me and Elder Rice are doing some crazy work! These last two weeks 4 missionary's from Chuuk have come into Guam  and it has been so 
awesome! Do you remember Forwin from Wichap  in my first area? The one kid that had like a shag and was the super good dancer!! He just came out and it was super cool to see him!
I mean I pretty much already trained him in Chuuk! And then Nuno came from Sapuk! And one of my best friends that is from Ramalom he got stay with us for like a whole week and it was awesome he is a stud! We just taught tons of Chuukese! I love that kid! But we sent him off to the MTC this morning and then he will be back to serve here in a couple weeks!

Ok well I will see you soon! 

Love,  Elder Hunter

Nick Obray and Elder Singeo in the Provo MTC

Monday, August 25, 2014

Transferred to Tamuning

Hey mom sorry it has been a while I just haven't had any time to email lately haahh I have been super busy!! So I got transferred from Meritzo like 2 weeks ago to Tamuning and my new companion is Elder Rice like the food! Haha Elder Rice is from ponhapei so we are like the perfert companionship  and the area that we are in is all chuukese and ponhpeienshaha haha  so we are doing so freaking good we are destroing this area it has been awesome. I am actually starting to like Guam! But we are working super had but the crapy thing is there is not enough people to give rides to church, there are so many people that we are teaching that want to come to church but just not enough rides haha!  It really sucks but oh well what can you do! I am learning Ponhpeien pretty good and it is super fun to learn! hahah it just reminds me of when I first got to Chuuk! And I am teaching Elder Rice Chuukese! haahh it is awesome!
Well things are going way awesome!!!

love elder hunter!