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Monday, September 15, 2014

Truck loads of Investigators

WOW this was a crazy week! Lots of super good things have been happening in our area!
So we have been working super hard with a bunch of families one of them is a family from Wichap my first area and 
they pretty much adopted me into there family haha i freaking love them! And on Saturday I baptized there son Jomano and he is super awesome haha he is crazy smart and has a vary strong testimony! And he is only 8 years old! I love this kid so much I always sit with
him in  church and he just always wants to follow me around! He is like my chuukese Chase!!!haha Then there is another family that we have been working really hard with and she was supposed to get baptized as well but her dad couldn't make it so we decided to do it this coming Saturday! There should be 2 other Chuukese  teenagers that should be baptized as well! His name is Chenry and the other is Bradly and these  two kids are changing there family's life and everyone in there neighborhood it is awesome these kids are just studs! Some times we have lessons with a big group of kids that live by these two kids and it ends up being around 20 or 25 people! hahh And they all want to come to church! This Sunday we had 13 investigators that came to church and like 7 or 8 less actives and there families it was crazy we had to get like 3 truck loads and then one guy even drove back to get a second load! Me and Elder Rice really want to start a group over here in tamuning because it is just blowing up!! haha and it would be all micronisions!! ahah Oh and we had a couple lessons with two Chinese family's haha it was awesome there is a family fromTaiwan   and they are just inviting all of there friends to have lessons with us and it is really cool! And they make really really good food!!!! but this one Chinese lady she is going to get baptized right when missionary's   get to China she is so prepared and we had some awesome lessons   with her! 
What else???? oh we watched this skateboarder almost get hit by a car and then they ran over his board! we watched the whole thing it was funny you could tell he was saying alot of F words and then after they talked for a while he just walked off in anger! we were going to follow him and go teach him but some how he gave us the slip!hahaa hmmm i think that is al the good stuff! oh we had a meeting with elder Ringwood I think he is a quorum  of the 70 or something like that! but it was a super good meeting! it was all mainly focused on 3 nifai 11!! that is an amazing chapter!

 love you all a ton!!!

Elder Hunter!!! 

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