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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jameson is a Trainer

Jameson pulled the meanest trick ever, future missionaries don't ever do this to your mother!! Ever!!
guess what mommy so last night i hopped on a plane to guam, i am comming home early!
Next email...
haha just kidding, but i did hop on a plane to Guam me Elder Huppe and Elder Vehikite. Me and Elder V are training and Huppe is staying in Guam! So I am in Guam right now I will be here for a week and I meet my son on Thursday! Pretty crazy right should be pretty sweet! It will be way hard but tons of fun!

In the airport in Guam departing to Chuuk

Teaching Ramon

Ramon is deaf and he is freakin awesome! He is one of my favorite people in Chuuk. He is a super good guy, he is 26 years old. He is the hardest worker ever, every funeral if he is related to them or not he is always there helping. Clean up their land and picking mia (bread fruit) and preparing the food, he is freakin good at everything. He can climb a coconut tree faster than anyone and he is super strong. He is so good at pounding bread fruit it is crazy, super fun to watch. He can get a knife/machete so sharp it is crazy. I always give him mine to get it perfect.
We have been teaching Ramon ever since I first got here. But he kinda just does his own thing, and you can never find him when you want to find him, and when you are not looking for him he always shows up. But we teach him as much as we can. Trying to help him to understand everything it was way fun. We would have to act everything out and be all over the place, it was way fun, really interesting. Ramon is super smart and he understands everything super good. We had Ramon scheduled to be baptized June 29, and that Friday before we went up to his house to check up on him. We found out that he was growing a bunch of little marijuanna plants. We were super bummed because we didn't think that he could be baptized that week. We told him to meet us at the church in a little bit, when he got there we taught him why it was bad to grow weed. And he had no idea that it was bad. Once he knew that it was bad he said right when he gets home he was going to destroy it. 
So when the zone leaders came out for district conference we got one of them to interview him and he was ready to go. The next day the 29th of June we had an awesome baptism! Of course he wanted me to baptize him, it was sweet. I love that kid. He is going to be the best member ever. I think that he will get the priesthood next week, that will be so sweet, he will pass the sacrament every week. 
Last week one of my recent converts got the aaronic priesthood. Atong you remember him right he was the younger one of the two that I baptized, Bigman and Atong. It is so sweet that he got it, I was so stoked when he asked me, when he could get the priesthood. This week him and Forwin passed the sacrament, it was super sweet.
Another one of Elder Huppies recent converts Sixinson also received the priesthood this Sunday! Its super cool for all of these boys to get the priesthood. We are going to bring them with us to take the sacrament to people, it will be sweet.
I love it here more and more everyday! The time is flying by! I hope everyone is doing good. I love you all so much.

Love Elder Hunter

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Love the Book of Mormon

Hey everyone,
Mom I love you, sorry I have not been emailing too much, I just never get time or it doesn't work out! But I love you all! I have been trying to write letters, because I don't email! How are you all doing? Shea and Kaden how is it riding bikes with dad? Dad is a beast! My experience riding with dad: you think oh he is old I will be able to keep up, and then you are exhausted and you think he must be super tired and ready for a break and you look at him and he is not even sweating and he is just warming up!haha that's how I remember riding with dad! Shea and Kaden you are awesome passing the AP tests, you guys are way smarter that me! How were the test? Hard or super easy for my super smart brothers! 
Oh I need to get a bunch of addresses! Will you get me Tanners and pretty much all of the relatives! So you guys want to know who I get emails from! Pretty much just family, and a couple of missionary's that I met in the MTC! I get emails from grandma some time! Sarah! Camden always!! How was the family reunion 
I herd that it was super fun! What did I hear about Scott crashing a sail boat in to the beach is that true or what! haha that sounds pretty fun! How was boating, did you guys learn some sweet stuff, I bet it was weird with out me and Camden! I miss all of this family vacation stuff haha! Ok dad asked me what is that hardest thing on my mission, it has not been adapting to the climate, the heat doesn't   even bother me any more!haha at night I sleep with sweats and a thin hoody and no fan or ac! And I sleep on the ground like a champ it is awesome I could sleep anywhere now! The hardest thing at first was the language because at first I could under stand sooo much but I couldn't say what I wanted! 
           What you guys are doing for family scripture study now is freaking awesome, I probably would have hated it when I was home, but now I would love it. Everyone taking a turn reading is so good, it will help Shea and Kaden so much to gain a testimony about the Book of Mormon, I wish I had a better testimony when I left, but now it is sooo freaking strong, I love the Book of Mormon,  I could read it all day, and I hate reading so you know it is good!! Lets see sports! We play a lot of basketball I play every morning! Everyone plays basketball now that the rim is up. From 3 years old to 60 years old haha, they also play a ton of volleyball but I haven't got them into soccer yet! Shea I don't know if I could send you some island steroids because they would probably go bad, but I think you can buy it in the states, its called taro!!
      Oh and I loved getting pictures! like when you sent me pictures of Landon's baptism that was the best, hard copys of pictures, send as much as you can! oh mom send me a picture of you from like the 80's or when you were like 20 so I can put it with dads missionary picture! I love you all so much! I am doing awesome just had another baptism and should have 2 more this week, I will write a letter and tell you more I am getting kicked off! love you all sooo much Love, Elder Hunter

The Chuuk Zone

July Zone Conference

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramon's Baptism & Cock Fighting

Hey Family,
Yes I am still in Wichap and I am loving every second of it! The people and the teaching is going great! On the 29th of June I baptized Ramon he is deaf, I wrote a big letter about it! 
Things are going super good! We have a lot of super good investigators, one his name is Demson, he is the man, he wants to learn super bad!
Haha funny story- so Elder Huppe wanted to buy a chicken from our neighbor for the 4th of july and he wanted to kill it and eat it! He didn't have any money so I said that I would buy it! So I told this guy his name is Maylove that i would buy his chicken! So he brought it up to our house and we had it tied up! He said that he wouldn't have sold this chicken to anyone but because it was us he did! He also said that he was super brave and loved to fight! So Demson brought over his chicken and we had a cock fight, ahaha it was super cool and funny! 
When Elder Huppe  was ready to eat this chicken I was like No I like chickens we are not going to kill it! So now we have a pet chicken that just lives at our neighbors house haha! I named him rocky! 
I love you guys sooooo much! I will probably send another box soon! 
Love, Elder Hunter