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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baptism in Guam

Man I miss snowbird a bunch! And I wish I could watch the boys play rugby it sounds like so much fun!! Let me know all about Obray's homcoming me and him are boys!! He is the man! Oh I can't believe   that he is gone!! It is crazy people are just disappearing, what about elder walters he is from utah too and he served in chuuk and was just in guam!

gooooo Netherlands! yeah you have to find me a Netherlands tie that would be so awesome! I think it is going to be Netherlands and Brazil in the finals!!! It is killing me!!

This week for me was super good, we had a baptism on Saturday it it was great! It was this amazing chuukese lady named Konsita she is amazing and is being a wonderful example for her family and they are going to follow along shortly. It was awesome because I got to baptize and confirm her so that was a bonous being the only chuukese speaker haha! I teach chuukese Elders Quorum which is super fun!! Oh and the new President came to our baptism. President Zarbock  and he is super cool and he loved the Chuukese  baptism. I felt bad because all of the talks and stuff were in Chuukese but it was still super awesome and he loved it! His first baptism,  that will be memorable, check his FB page he said he would put up the pictures!!

Love you tons,

Elder Hunter

Elder Obray's Homecoming 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Freezing in Guam

haha I wonder who grandpa is hanging out with right now! I bet he is ether wrestling with Joe Smith or playing basket with Moroni hahah I bet Moroni is a baller haha! I am glad that you guys had a good week, and that the grandpas funeral was so nice.

My week was good just still getting used to this weird place haha still freeze in the car and I can't sleep in the room with ac I just sleep on the ground in the kitchen haha! There are some awesome chuukese familys that I am teaching that I just love and it is awesome because most of them are from Wichap my first area so it is super fun to talk to them about how things are going back there and about the people and stuff like that, miss chuuk like crazy but I will be back! haha

love you 

Elder Hunter

Transferred to Guam

So you already know but I am in Guam! I am going to blow this place up that is for sure and I don't know if guam will be able to handle it! I already have 6 and maybe more Chuukese people that i am going to get baptized it is sick I freaking love the Chuukese  people here but everyone else I'm not a big fan of. White people and the Guam  people they got no respect, haha it kinda sucks haha they just don'tlove missionaries   like all chuukese! 

hahah I suck at english it is embarrassing  I feel like I sound like a looser so I let my comp to most of the talking until we find some Chuukese! I am freezing in the car and in the house   my comp loves ac haha!
Well thats about it, 

bringing Chuuk to Guam,
Love,    Elder Hunter