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Monday, November 24, 2014

November 16, 2014

Wow that is so cold I am going to die! I get freezing and need a jacket if it gets to 80! hahah I am toast!
This week was a super good week working really hard as always! We didn't get to have are baptism because
 there was some problems but this week for sure! 

This week me and my comp just walked everywhere it was super fun just got to talk to a lot more people and it reminded
me of chuuk! The work is just alot more fun when you are walking around sweating and talking to everyone! Then you come home and you are so dead you don't even want to eat, but instead of just going to bed you work out super hard and then make A ton of food and then right when you lay down on the soft tile room you are gone! And then wake up work out again and It starts all over haha! I love my comp he is so funny!

I wrote you and shea a letter i will send it today!

love elder hunter 

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