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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Skype

Christmas Skype 
We were so blessed to Skype with Jameson on Christmas Eve, since he is a day ahead of us, that was his Christmas Day. It was great he looked awesome! He said it didn't seem like Christmas at all on the island, they had a Christmas program that was funny, but it's all just so different.  It was great to talk to him, we could see him but he could not see us, minor technical difficulties. We made him answer questions in Chuukese and then tell us what he said! So that was amazing, truly miraculous that a missionary can be placed on a remote island in the pacific and in a short time is able to understand and communicate in the native tongue. I asked him what was his favorite part about being a missionary? He said "the gift of tongues". It still amazes him that he can understand everything that the people are saying. He recognizes the hand of God in everything, especially how much he loves all of his children, that he allows young missionaries to teach the gospel in their own native tongue.
I asked him if he has advice for his younger brothers getting ready to serve he said "Do it! Read the Book of Mormon! Study Preach My Gospel especially what you are going to teach." 
He seems very well adapted to the culture, too well adapted he even showed us his long fingernails! Gross!  "Its a Chuukese thing." you need it for preparing bread fruit, and I won't go into any other details! He said the people love him because he has learned how to do all of their work. He can use his machete to cut into coconuts to drink the coconut water he says he has about five a day. He even learned how to make coconut oil! He loves the native Chuukese food. He is now Chuukese! And He can give a great haircut! 
He loves teaching the gospel and witnessing a might change that come to people who allow Jesus Christ into their lives. 
We asked about his daily schedule, he said that he wakes up at 5:30am showers, goes running with his companion elder Simpson, "his legs are getting huge" he takes another shower, breakfast, then study until 8:30, start the day. 
He does not have any boils which are common in Chuuk, thank goodness, he has been in great health, only sick once earlier on his mission so that is a huge blessing.
Our greatest gift this holiday season is to have a Chuukese Missionary! Our first born son leading the way in righteousness for his younger brothers. We are all so pleased to share a little bit of this incredible journey with him. We so look forward to his weekly emails and when he sends letters and packages, but what a treat to be able to talk with him. Until Mothers Day!

Photos from my new area Neiwe

 Typical housing
 We live on the top floor best flat in the mission.
 Our roads

 Our store

lovely muumuu

We got these pictures from Brother Simpson, thanks for sharing.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


First off how can I get rid of termites because our house is getting eaten alive, well mostly just the wood cupboard. My new house is super nice and it is all concrete! It is way nicer than the house in Wichap, and it is super peaceful because we are on the second story so no one bugs us like they did in Wichap, we get super good studys! I am freaking loving my new comp and my new area. We are doing so good, working hard, we have been so busy it is crazy. I am just so tired by the time that we get home! I feel like we never have enough time there just so many people that want to meet with us! I love the people in my new area they are so awesome, they are so easy to love. I love them sooo much it is awesome! We have been working super super super hard and are seeing tons of blessings they are just flowing! I love you guys a ton! I think that I will send a box today! 
Love, Elder Hunter

Sunday, December 8, 2013


NOOOOOOOOO........ I got Transfered!!!!!!!! I never thought that I would leave Wichap, but I did! It's  weird because you think that being in an area for 9 months you would get sick of it but not me, I am going to miss Wichap a ton! the people were the best I am going to miss them the most! But I got transferred to the area right next to mine! Me and elder Peck just did a switch a rue haha so Peck is in Wichap with my son Jonas, not going to lie I am going to miss Jonas! I am in Neiwe with Simpson and I don't really know what it is like because we had a district conference and stuff like that so it is a mystery! It is funny because right when I left Wichap they got broke into again haah! NowI have a truck so that is going to be fun! My new house is pretty nice, but people are always going to come there when they come in from islands! Christmas I have no Idea what is going to happen! I hope that it is pretty fun! I cant wait to get out and go teach in my new area. I had one sweet lesson   with this guy who is going to get baptized soo soon! well I love you all so much
love you. Merry Christmas
Love Elder Hunter

Friday, December 6, 2013


I have had a super awesome last two weeks! I wrote some letters that I
will send today but I will tell you a little bit! Last week we had two
baptisms and it was awesome! I Baptized this guy named Derson and he
is a stud, he is super awesome! I have baptised 3 of his cousins
before him and he just noticed a difference and really wanted it! He is
super awesome! Then our branch president baptised his daughter, we went
and taught her like everyday for two weeks it was super fun, she is the
cutest little girl!

We were suposed to have two more baptisms  this week but dumb stuff
happened with permission from parents, super lame! But we will get
them next week! What package did you send?

Thanksgiving was super fun! I got to play a little bit of soccer which
was super fun I miss soccer so much!! But we played football which was
pretty fun, nothing like soccer. There was a lot of really good food, the senior couples did a really good job! it was awesome!!