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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chuukese food and more pictures

Wow Landon 23 you are the man, I bet you are the best one on your team haha that is for sure! Tell Landon and Lucas that I am sending a super sweet box today with all of the good Chuuk stuff, you will love it, you just have to be careful, they are deadly weapons!
How is it going in good old Harriman, things in Chuuk are going awesome, me and my son are working sure hard, and I am always so freaking tired hahaha, but it is super good, we have been learning so much!! 
It is crazy, you know that I love it here, this week we went to a wedding and it was super weird, haha they don't show any emotion after they got married the guy just walked off pulled his hair and just did his own thing. 
We got tons of food and it was awesome, Jonas doesn't really like Chuukese food so I get both huge plates hahaha it was way awesome!! Jonas is the man he is learning really fast! I am super exited for you to get my box it is way awesome!!! Lets see me and elder Jonas have been teaching a lot of of people and seeing a lot of miracles and blessings, I love it here, I am so blest to be here, I love you all so much, did you get my huge letter. 

Love elder hunter

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