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Monday, August 25, 2014

Transferred to Tamuning

Hey mom sorry it has been a while I just haven't had any time to email lately haahh I have been super busy!! So I got transferred from Meritzo like 2 weeks ago to Tamuning and my new companion is Elder Rice like the food! Haha Elder Rice is from ponhapei so we are like the perfert companionship  and the area that we are in is all chuukese and ponhpeienshaha haha  so we are doing so freaking good we are destroing this area it has been awesome. I am actually starting to like Guam! But we are working super had but the crapy thing is there is not enough people to give rides to church, there are so many people that we are teaching that want to come to church but just not enough rides haha!  It really sucks but oh well what can you do! I am learning Ponhpeien pretty good and it is super fun to learn! hahah it just reminds me of when I first got to Chuuk! And I am teaching Elder Rice Chuukese! haahh it is awesome!
Well things are going way awesome!!!

love elder hunter!  

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