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Monday, September 8, 2014

4 Chuukese Elders

Hello my favorite woman in the whole world who I love soo much!

Sorry I didn't write you last week. It was a holiday and so none of the library's were open and so everyone was at the office so I didn't even try I just played basket and volly!
But don't worry I am doing super good! Me and Elder Rice are doing some crazy work! These last two weeks 4 missionary's from Chuuk have come into Guam  and it has been so 
awesome! Do you remember Forwin from Wichap  in my first area? The one kid that had like a shag and was the super good dancer!! He just came out and it was super cool to see him!
I mean I pretty much already trained him in Chuuk! And then Nuno came from Sapuk! And one of my best friends that is from Ramalom he got stay with us for like a whole week and it was awesome he is a stud! We just taught tons of Chuukese! I love that kid! But we sent him off to the MTC this morning and then he will be back to serve here in a couple weeks!

Ok well I will see you soon! 

Love,  Elder Hunter

Nick Obray and Elder Singeo in the Provo MTC

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