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Barrigada, Guam 96913


Monday, January 26, 2015

Loving it


Well sorry that i never write but the internet never works here classic Chuuk right! Right now i am just writing on Word and then if the internet works then i will copy it to the email! It has been awesome here in chuuk we just had 2 baptisms and we just had one yesterday, it was super awesom! When we were in the ocean blake fisher an old misionay he is working at a school here, he said that he has talked to you before but he came with us and he pushed my comp in the ocean and then when i was running away our phone fell in the ocean hahah! We found in but it was toast! This week the branch president in sapuk his daughter came home from her mission so we had a big party and it was awesome! Well that is about it hahah but i am loving it and am working really hard! I love you all a ton! This pday we just did service like the whole day! We did the whole pounding the bread fruit process it was freaking fun!

Elder hunter