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Monday, February 10, 2014

Let it Rain

Dear Family,

This week was really... wet. There was a ton of rain. It just poured
and poured and poured. All week. Nonstop. Relentlessly. It was
hilarious to see all the little kids running around having puddle

So we worked like complete beasts this week. We picked up around 9 new
investigators that all came out of working with less-actives and
recent converts. We're hoping that they're really solid, but we can't
be certain yet because they didn't come to church because... you
guessed it - RAIN.

There's one particular investigator on that mountain that Elder
Simpson and I are very excited about. His name is WillJ. He's insanely
smart. We thought he was from America or something. I guess he just
picked up English from some siblings that had lived in America. He
knew a few words but still just spoke to us in Chuukese. He totally
understands the Restoration. He feels like Joseph Smith's experience
is very similar to his experience thus far. He feels like he's very
lost. He hasn't gone to a church for a long long time because he
doesn't know which is correct. He read EVERY WORD on the Restoration
pamphlet, even commenting that some of the translation is a little bit
sketchy. Regardless, he completely understood. He pretty much taught
himself, heck, he might have even taught us some things. He really has
a desire to come to church. He might go behind his parents back. He
says he could get beat for going to church. He might do it in secret

My testimony of the gospel has grown so much as I've worked full time
for the Lord. This work is so vitally important to improve the lives
of all people - not just in Chuuk. I know that as we all strive to
participate in the work (whether that be full time or not) we can be
filled with the joy that the gospel brings. Seriously, this is the
greatest work. It's such a blessing to be an instrument in the Lord's

Love, Elder Hunter

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pray for Mama Irain

 Alright first of all make sure that you keep Mama Irain in all of
your prayers! she is the nicest old lady ever, we take her the
sacrament and go to her house all of the time! She has diabetes and
she has a nasty sore thing on her foot like grampa, and she is not
doing so good! it is pretty infected, and the hospital cant do really
anything here but cut it off!
But other than that it has been a super good week! We have been
working super hard with the leaders in the branch to get things
rolling! We are going to get home teaching started and like mutual
once a week and we will just read the book of mormon with all of the
youth in our area, it should be super cool!

This week was a little hard to find people because of the race thing
that is going on here that is all they cared about here this whole week
haha! One day me and Simpson and a kid named atarus went up to the
mountain and chopped down a ton of fire wood and took it down to some
members house, it was super heavy and it was a super long walk, but it
was still sweet! I wish I brought my camara because I carried like
this huge tree! My shouders are super sore, but I love doing service
for people, and sometimes I just love bringiong the child out of me
and climbing up in the trees to chop big branches! It is super fun!

One of are super good investigators S.A is scheduled to get baptised
on the 22 with his little 8 year old little daughter, it should be
super awesome, we have been working really hard with them to get them
ready! This Sunday, my recent convert Maryaden got up and bore her
testimony, and it was so freaking powerful, I freaking loved it, she
is doing so good and is super strong!

what else??? That is all I can think of right now but it was a really
good week! I have been working really hard and I am dead!  haha

love you all,

Elder Hunter

Zone meeting 02/03/14