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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Best Birthday 21

My brithday was super good!! Thank you so much for the box! You are super smart you already knew that whatever I got in the box I would just give away to the kids. You sent stuff that the kids would love hahah so it was super awesome and the kids loved it! I am still saving the long balloons for making animals and stuff for a special occasion! So thank you again it was super great!!! I gave most of the toys to my favorite chuukese family, and haha it turns out that the mom is married to one of the guys from Wichap so right away we just clicked and I call all the little kids my nephews! That family is amazing I just hang out with them every Sunday and whenever I can haha I just sit and talk to the mom her name is Chena and her sister Donna for ever! Let's  see, conference was super good! I can't wait till it gets printed out so I can study the talks more!!! 

Haha it is funny that you found out that I am a district leader I wasn't planning on telling anyone  but it is going good! I am really working hard to lead my district and set the best example I can for them and just show them how the work is really done! haha but I'm still having as much fun as ever! I am really starting to work with the ward and get things rolling because before nothing was happening! It is fun to give trainings every week but I am not very good hahah but it is still fun and a good chance to serve! um there is this chuukese lady that is in the hospital that I have been going to see! She has cancer but she is just the sweetest lady! Today I gave her a blessing and i felt the spirit super strong so I think that she is going to be ok! 

Me and my comp are doing awesome! I mean how could we not be haha we are working so hard there is no room for us not to get along! I am working hard to help him learn english. Every day we work on this big packet and it is going really well! We have a lot of super good investigators! There is this pohnpeien family that is just amazing a couple of them are already baptized but soon they all will be! My pohnpeien is pretty good now! Of corse we have a ton of chuukese people that we teach and more we find everyday!! haha i am getting kinda skinny!haahh i just never have time to eat very much or work out to much but I am going to work on that! I am just happy!!! Super tired but happy! 

Love, Elder Hunter

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