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Monday, April 14, 2014

It's been a while!!

Hey family, wow it has been a while since  I have had a chance to send an
email but here we go let's see if I still remember!

Things have been going super good with me and elder Rainey in Sapuk. We
are just tearing it up! It is weird because everyone always talks about how Sapuk is the hardest area and everyone hates the church but to me its just all in your attitude! Last year Sapuk had 9 baptisms in the whole year! Me and Elder Rainey just hit 9 and we are having another this weekend! We will be up to ten in April! It is amazing! There is this family that we have been teaching that are just golden! We have been getting these recent convert members to help us a ton because they are friends!

There is this lady named Monta that is my favorite person in the world. She will get baptized this Saturday! She is awesome. She has twin girls and every Sunday we carry them to church for her haha it is the best I miss holding babies and they are so so so freaking cute! If they fall asleep when we are walking I just hold one all sacrament haha! I was holding one last week and I had to give a prayer so I just took her up with me haha! They are cute, can't wait for you to see some
pictures! Well thats about it! love you all a ton!!!
Oh if you ever send a box will you throw in some fins and goggles because this guy said if I got him some we would eat fish every day!!

Love,  Elder Hunter