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Friday, December 6, 2013


I have had a super awesome last two weeks! I wrote some letters that I
will send today but I will tell you a little bit! Last week we had two
baptisms and it was awesome! I Baptized this guy named Derson and he
is a stud, he is super awesome! I have baptised 3 of his cousins
before him and he just noticed a difference and really wanted it! He is
super awesome! Then our branch president baptised his daughter, we went
and taught her like everyday for two weeks it was super fun, she is the
cutest little girl!

We were suposed to have two more baptisms  this week but dumb stuff
happened with permission from parents, super lame! But we will get
them next week! What package did you send?

Thanksgiving was super fun! I got to play a little bit of soccer which
was super fun I miss soccer so much!! But we played football which was
pretty fun, nothing like soccer. There was a lot of really good food, the senior couples did a really good job! it was awesome!!

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