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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Investigators in Wichap

This is a letter he mailed to the family before he was transfered.

Hey family,
So how's it going in good old Harryman? Anything new and interesting going on? How is school, soccer, snowboarding? I don't even remember what snow is like or cold haha. I kind of miss the cold sometimes but not in the morning scraping the ice off the windows, I don't miss that. Ha
So I will tell you a little bit of what's going on here. We have found a ton of new investigators, we have just been teaching a ton of lessons. We have been super busy trying to see all of them.
My favorite investigator, her name is  Rakiko, we are pretty much dating, she is our branch presidents daughter. She is like 9 years old, the cutest girl ever! She is super smart and way fun to teach and hang out with. I love our branch president and his whole family. His name is Macky, his wife is Irea, and they have 4 kids, Rakiko, Mersy, Dickeys, and Jemi Rose. I love them all we try to go over there a couple times a week to talk to Macky about our investigators and just Hang out, and give them candy. They always try to feed us. Macky is the coolest guy in Chuuk he has told me a bunch of times, after I'm done with my mission to come back and live with him. :)
He always tells me to come out with him in his canoe and go "nikapich" which is spear fishing. I always tell him " I'm not allowed to go swimming it's against the rules" he always says something like " it's fine your just getting food and I won't tell anyone  anyway!" Haha he is super funny!
One if our super good investigators his name is Derson, he is like 15 years old and is a stud. He is super awesome and is always helping us, and picking us "neu" coconuts. He is super awesome he has been coming to church for a while I just never really taught him. But one day he was like "when can I get baptized" it was super cool, and that kind of stuff happens a lot. He is going to be a super good member, he already has super strong faith in Jesus Christ and an amazing drive to follow him. It is inspiring.
Then there is Dimar, two of his brothers have already been baptized, he just hasn't yet, he just kind of fell into our lap!
Those are our three main investigators that we have been focusing on a ton this week seeing them every day to get them baptized this week. It has been super awesome. The Holy Ghost is so strong as we have been preparing them to be baptized.
Then we have these two girls Meloni and Anasi, we haven't taught them a ton, only a couple of lessons, but they are super good. We were walking on the road one time and we saw three girls so of course I said hi to them. Then I asked them why they have never come to our church, the Mormon church? They said "well no one ever asked us to come!" Well come to church this Sunday! They came and it has been super good ever since. Except one of the girls mom said that when I am done being a missionary to take her daughter to Utah with me and marry her! Haha that kind of stuff happens all the time! So many moms tell me I can pick between any of her daughters. Haha it's way funny but really weird.
Then there is another girl who Elder Huppy used to teach, and she just asked me why don't you teach me anymore? It is really cool. A lot of people just ask to be taught or ask to be baptized. Then teaching her we got another investigator Ten4, he is a stud. He is so smart and asks a lot of questions. I love teaching him because he asks all the right questions.
Alright so the first time me and Jonas see this guy named Hansom, we were driving sitting on the back of the truck, and he saw us and was super super drunk and just flipped us off for like 30 seconds, as we were driving away. Haha the next time we see him he is drunk again and he tells us that he really wants to meet and he is sorry and wants to change his life. So we tell him we can't meet him right now because he is drunk, but we will meet him on Saturday.
We meet with him on Saturday and he is a whole different person when he is not drunk! Super smart and we have some great lessons with him and his family. I think that he is going to change so much and it is going to be amazing!
There is this cutest girl, her name is Neinei, she is like 12 years old, and the freakin cutest girl. She is super smart too, she goes tithe best school in Chuuk and knows better English than pretty much every adult in Chuuk. Haha I met her the way I meet most people. Just playing with the kids, having fun with the kids. I was playing this game called "chankei" it is just like rocks, paper, scissors . But you only play if you have "kumi" rubber bands. If you loose you give the other person one of your rubber bands. So I always wear a couple rubber bands to play with the kids. Then Neinei came along and she has a strand of rubber bands like 20 feet long, and we have been best friends ever since. Her mom is less active so Neinei never got baptized so I hope I get to stay in Wichap long enough to baptize her. She is super cute. I want to bring her home haha, there are so many cute kids here,  but especially cute little girls!
Transfers are coming up, it is going to be crazy, no idea what is going to happen. 

I love you all so much. Love Elder Hunter
ps. I am Chuukese. 
pps. I can open coconuts like a beast.

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