620 W Route 8
Barrigada, Guam 96913


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


First off how can I get rid of termites because our house is getting eaten alive, well mostly just the wood cupboard. My new house is super nice and it is all concrete! It is way nicer than the house in Wichap, and it is super peaceful because we are on the second story so no one bugs us like they did in Wichap, we get super good studys! I am freaking loving my new comp and my new area. We are doing so good, working hard, we have been so busy it is crazy. I am just so tired by the time that we get home! I feel like we never have enough time there just so many people that want to meet with us! I love the people in my new area they are so awesome, they are so easy to love. I love them sooo much it is awesome! We have been working super super super hard and are seeing tons of blessings they are just flowing! I love you guys a ton! I think that I will send a box today! 
Love, Elder Hunter

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