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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Skype

Christmas Skype 
We were so blessed to Skype with Jameson on Christmas Eve, since he is a day ahead of us, that was his Christmas Day. It was great he looked awesome! He said it didn't seem like Christmas at all on the island, they had a Christmas program that was funny, but it's all just so different.  It was great to talk to him, we could see him but he could not see us, minor technical difficulties. We made him answer questions in Chuukese and then tell us what he said! So that was amazing, truly miraculous that a missionary can be placed on a remote island in the pacific and in a short time is able to understand and communicate in the native tongue. I asked him what was his favorite part about being a missionary? He said "the gift of tongues". It still amazes him that he can understand everything that the people are saying. He recognizes the hand of God in everything, especially how much he loves all of his children, that he allows young missionaries to teach the gospel in their own native tongue.
I asked him if he has advice for his younger brothers getting ready to serve he said "Do it! Read the Book of Mormon! Study Preach My Gospel especially what you are going to teach." 
He seems very well adapted to the culture, too well adapted he even showed us his long fingernails! Gross!  "Its a Chuukese thing." you need it for preparing bread fruit, and I won't go into any other details! He said the people love him because he has learned how to do all of their work. He can use his machete to cut into coconuts to drink the coconut water he says he has about five a day. He even learned how to make coconut oil! He loves the native Chuukese food. He is now Chuukese! And He can give a great haircut! 
He loves teaching the gospel and witnessing a might change that come to people who allow Jesus Christ into their lives. 
We asked about his daily schedule, he said that he wakes up at 5:30am showers, goes running with his companion elder Simpson, "his legs are getting huge" he takes another shower, breakfast, then study until 8:30, start the day. 
He does not have any boils which are common in Chuuk, thank goodness, he has been in great health, only sick once earlier on his mission so that is a huge blessing.
Our greatest gift this holiday season is to have a Chuukese Missionary! Our first born son leading the way in righteousness for his younger brothers. We are all so pleased to share a little bit of this incredible journey with him. We so look forward to his weekly emails and when he sends letters and packages, but what a treat to be able to talk with him. Until Mothers Day!

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  1. It was awesome to hear about your Skype on Christmas with Jamison. I'm glad he is good!