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Monday, January 13, 2014

Holidays in Chuuk

Dear family 

I had the best week!! It was so fun, it so different but it was super fun! Christmas was crazy, first we went down to a members house and the king of Tonga Elder Vanisi killed a pig! I got it on video it was crazy! He stabbed it in the heart and then ripped out his throat with his bare hands,  he is a freaking wild man! Then we roasted that over a fire islander style, it was super cool! While that was cooking because it took forever we went to our branch party. The branch party was way fun, all of the little kids sang a bunch of super cute songs and there were a bunch off cool activitys it was awesome! Then we got a ton of food! And it was the good stuff! After that I think we just hung out with members played vollyball and stuff like that! I love the members they are so cool! There is this one way old lady that I talked to for like an hour just because she has the best story's! It was super funny she could talk forever!

Then we had our missionary party which was way fun, it is always fun to hang out with all of the missionary's and hear about all of their cool story's and experiences! We hung out super late playing games and we played basketball under the lights! It was a super fun Christmas but of course I missed my family!

Me and Elder Simpson went to another party on the 27th, it was like a family party! It was at the District presidents house, well out side it. he lives right on the beach it is so nice! It was the funnest party ever! There was dancing and food, chuukese know how to party! The best part was when they would give out gifts! There was a big tree and then families were just spread out sitting together all around the tree! And there were tons of gifts under this tree! It wasn't really a tree I watched this kid chop a branch off of another tree right before! Most of the gifts was a 50 pound bag of rice or case of ramen! it was super funny what kind of gifts they give for Christmas. Nothing like America. I would never think of giving a case of ramen to one of my brothers for Christmas or a 50lb bag of rice, but they do what they can to help each other.

They gave out food, big sepi's of food for each family. Me and elder Simpson got a sepi because we were our own family. A sepi is a plate. We were all around the tree and a bunch of boys would stand in the middle and call out names on gifts. When they called out the name they would blast music and the person would have to get up and dance to get their gift. If they didn't dance, they didn't get the gift. It was really funny watching all the old people dance and having a ton of fun. There is a potential missionary named Brandy who is very outgoing. He's not shy at all. He was the MC of the whole gift giving ceremony. He knew that I could dance decently, so he took a small piece of candy and said "To Elder Hunter, DANCE! - From Santa" I then got up, danced, and got my little piece of candy. haha it was a blast. I loved it! We're going to start doing that with our family now. We're just gonna blast music to get presents. Christmas here is awesome.


New Year's Eve we went out teaching like it was a normal day but it definitely wasn't. At like 6:00 we went over to the branch presidents house and were just having tons of fun with all of the little kids, I bought tons of candy and I was going to throw it out to them at midnight! But they got me to give them a little bit! Then we went to the ZLs and hung out with them a bit! And then had a huge feast at this members house it was super good there was tons of food. I think he was expecting a lot more people but a ton of people went to the island Romanam because there was a huge party and a band! After we were done eating we went and hung out with all the kids back in our area, did a little dancing because they had some big speakers out! I love dancing with all of the little girls! It was awesome, when it hit midnight I threw out candy and it was awesome, and it wasn't a big deal until we started driving home! I was honking the horn the whole time, and all of Chuuk was freaking out just banging on stuff and it wasn't just for a bit, they were pounding all night long and in the morning they kept pounding! It was crazy! Then we went and joined some people and walkied around banging on stuff for a good 2 hours it was awesome. Then there was a band that we hung out and danced for a little bit but mostly just watched and took lots of pictures, I would always dance with the little girls they are so cute and the would never want to let go of my hands! NEW YEARS in CHUUK ROCKS!

Well that is about it for the Hollidays! 

Sorry I have been slow to write. I have just had a lot on my mind! You know what I mean! I love John and it has been hard for me this last week! Prez called me but it wasn't real until I got your email and I am sorry that I didn't email back! John has made the biggest influence on my life and he means so much to me! He was always doing things for others he never worried about himself. I want to be like him when I grow up! This week was hard but on Thursday I taught this family about the Plan of Salvation, and how are families can be together forever, and it was like I got hit by a train, I don't think I have ever felt the holy ghost so strong and testify to me so hard of the truthfulness of the Plan of Salvation! I Know that John is up there cheering me on and that he will always be with me! I love him and I am so grateful for all the things that he as done for me and all my brothers and all the boys in our ward. So many things I could never count! I always had they best time with him, making Gilly suits, mothers day gifts, camping or just driving in Goldy listening to music and just listening to him tell stories. There is no one like him! I will miss him, but he will aways be in my heart.

I love you All thanks for everything! sorry I suck at emailing! I just didn't really feel like talking about it!

Love enter Nikasuk/ Hunter

John Pettit a dear friend to our family and Scout leader to the boys for many years, passed away on New Years Eve.

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  1. I would LOVE a copy of the holiday videos! If you need me to send you a flash drive, or if you can email it that would be great!! LOVE the Headbandzs pictures. when I sent the game, I thought they woud give ti to the primary kids! LOL - LOVE THOSE BOYS!!!