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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sharp Machete & Service

April 28, 2014

Dear Family,

            How is it going everybody? What’s new? I already know from pictures that everyone is growing like crazy especially Lucas! Haha he is huge, its crazy I bet he kills in Rugby!

            Well what can I say about this week. Me and Elder Rainey have been working freaking hard. Working hard teaching and helping people with gardens and stuff like that. This week I actually got a pretty gnarly cut on my finger with my machete. I probably should of got stitches but oh well haha. (I personally find no humor in this, thankfully he has had a tetanus shot, please pray for no infection!!) I just sharpened my knife a ton before we went to help some people and then half way through working I chopped myself haha. (again not funny!!) Its awesome because Elder Rainey loves doing service just as much as me probably more, it is awesome.
            But also we are teaching like crazy we have 13 people on baptismal dates for May it is going to be a huge month, I am excited.
Also I think I already told you that Elder Rainey used to be like a body builder. Haha So we have been working out super hard every night and a bunch of the priesthood always lift with us. We have made a bunch of weights out of cement. We are going to get HUGE.

            Anyway I love you all,

            Elder Hunter   Ai Tong ngeni kemi menisin pwi kana si chu riwixz

Elder Rainey & Elder Hunter

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