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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sapuk Snail Mail April 21, 2014

Elder Hunter April 21, 2014  Monday/ Sarifal

            Hey Family how is it going?

            Alright well I am back at it snail mail again haha, the internet is just super sketchy. So I will probably just try to start writing a letter every week, I’ll get used to it.

I guess I will just tell you a little bit about my week. Another week in Sapuk I love it here in Sapuk so much. Elder Rainey and I are killing it! This week we saw a ton of miracles it was a really amazing week. Alright so I don’t really know what I have told you about Monta. Monta is one of our investigators and she is the sweetest lady in the whole world I could hang out with her all day and just talk. She is just amazing she just as the biggest heart. She has a little son that is almost 2 and then two baby twin girls. She takes care of them all by her self. She has a husband but he doesn’t’ do anything but we are going to help him too!
            Monta has had a hard week because just a ton of people have been talking to her and just hating on our church and just being stupid. And her own mother even like disowned her. And despite all of the stuff going on she was still super excited to get baptized because she new that she was doing the right thing. It was a huge help for me, her amazing example of not letting Satan bother her or get to her. She is amazing. She is just a miracle. Another super cool thing that happened this week was this little kid named Dion. He has been an investigator forever, like every missionary has taught him. But his parents never let him get baptized. But with us, he would just ask his parents every day, can I get baptized over and over and then one day he just came over to our house and told us “my mom said I could get baptized” and he was bouncing off the walls. Haha He told us that we just needed to talk to his dad. And so Saturday morning before we got on the taxi to go to Montas Batism we talked to his dad and he was all for it! It was awesome!
            We drove with Monta and a ton of members came and I got to hold one of her babies on the car ride. Haha And Dion just got interviewed at the church right before the service. It was awesome, such a good service. Oh and President Mecham was there because we had Zone Conference this week which was also really good. We might have another baptism this Saturday and in May we should have around 10 or more J I will keep you posted.

I love you all so much keep me posted on all the soccer and Rugby stories!

Love, Elder Hunter

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