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Monday, May 5, 2014

Manna from Heaven

This week we received 3 letters in the mail and an email on Sunday!! Feast or Famine!!

Dear Family,

Hello I bet this is weird getting an email from me!! haha

This has been a good week, working super hard to help our
investigators to progress to baptism! We have a ton so it is a lot of
work! But I love it and I am always dead tired! But every night we
have been lifting weights with the priesthood it is awesome it just
feels so good to be getting strong again! We had like a district
conference thing that was pretty cool and then after that we had another
baptism. This kid named Keffer, I taught him in Wichap and then he
just moved to Sapuk with his grandma last week and came to church! I just asked him when are you getting baptized brother! He said this Saturday! And then we just saw a ton of miracles and hearts being changed to make his baptism happen!

I cant wait to talk on mothers day because we will probably have like
5 baptisms this week, so I will have a lot to talk about haha any way
love you

elder hunter

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