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Monday, January 20, 2014

Cats & Dogs

I have been having the best week!! Wow you need to get rid of some
cats that is alot of cat food, I bet that is what dad always says! haha
I think when I get home I will eat most of them, maybe just leave one
for chase haha. Just kidding they don't eat cat here but dog that is
another story, dogs are more like pigs or cows than pets haha. This
week we are having a birthday party from my neou mama and I bought a
dog for 25 bucks and we are going to eat it, I haven't eaten dog a ton
but I have still tryed it a couple times! Not going to lie it is
pretty good but don't hate me for that! I am sorry dad I had to or
else they wont love me haah just kidding! Me and my comp have been
tearing it up, we are teaching a ton of great people and families and
I just love all of the people here!

Oh I miss snowboarding but i don't really miss the cold much, I am
freezing in this computer room because of the ac haha. Sounds like
Chase is just one of those crazy little skiiers that you just see fly
by and you cant believe how good they are because they are so little!
haha I wish I could see!

I am super glad that you got that box! I got a letter from Hawaii that
said that they took out two of my pwos because i guess it is
endangered or something! So I am glad that you got it!

Wow I miss the temple I wish that there was a Temple in our area so
that we could go to it! I would love to have Randy Whipple baptize me
haha he is the best!

Hey I have some requests, if you could send me The treasure planet
sound track, and will you try to find out Joe Joes email, and the next
time you send a box will you fill the whole the whole thing up with
marbles! They play this sweet game with them, but there is no where to
buy them!

I love you all so much! I tried to be fast today!

Love, Elder Hunter

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