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Sunday, January 26, 2014

A marvelous work and a wonder

Yes Jonas got transferred way out to Romanum, way out there, he is
freaking lucky! And yes we have chuukese hymn books, there is only
like 70 songs or so but it is still super sweet!  I have a bunch a
pictures of me making Coconut oil! So what you have to do is get like 25
"taka" the older coconuts that are just on the ground that have fallen
off the tree, and then you husk all of them, cut them in half and then
shave all of the white stuff out and then you squeeze all the coconut
milk out and then cook it until the oil comes out it isn't too hard at
all! sorry I didn't send you the best coconut oil, the stuff that I
have now is way better, but that is the only stuff that I had at the

I had a great week this week a lot of cool stuff went down! so I think
it was on Wednesday the church donated like a million back packs for the
the schools and we got to help out with it! it was so awesome the kids
were soooooo happy and so thankful it was amazing! Just their faces
were the best! It was like a dream come true! I was so happy that I
got to help!

To top the week off we had two awesome baptisms it was sweet! So we
baptized this old lady that is the just the funniest lady in the world
haha she is awesome! Her husband is a member but he is blind and he
doesn't go anywhere! But we started teaching him, and then we started
bringing her husband the sacrament, his name is Demon! But we told him
that he had to changes his life around and start keeping the world of
wisdom! And then he totally changed around!

It was crazy the change in their lives!  Now they are super strong!
It is awesome, it is going to be huge for their big family,they are
all going to get baptized! It will be amazing! Then the other guy that
we baptized was this stud names Frits! he is like 18 years old and he
is the man! this was an awesome week!

I love you tons

Elder Hunter

Elder Hunter is on Weno

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