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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Salt Waters of Mormon

This week we had another baptism, it was super super cool. It was a way fun baptism! I baptized the crazy 11 year old that I think I told you about. Well his name is A-Chuk and he is a little ball of trouble. He is super funny and he was so ready to be baptized. It was so funny when we let him try on his baptism clothes he would not take them off haha, he really really wanted to be baptized it was sooo awesome. So me and him just took pictures all over the place in our white cloths. He is an awesome kid, we took some really good pictures! He reminds me a ton of Landon, and it is awesome because he always hangs out with us and goes teaching with us! 
So we walked down to the baptismal spot, and that was awesome because we held hands the whole way. I think it is the sweetest thing when these little kids want to hold your hand. We got to our spot and it was high tide and we had to almost swim past this muddy part to get to where we do the baptisms. Past the coral there is a sand bar and it is supper cool.
 I have the funniest picture of Elder Huppe up to his neck hahah, but right when we got to the water A-Chuk dove in head first haha, he just really wanted to be Baptized! 
It was a super amazing day, probably the best day so far! I keep saying I had the best day, I guess my missions is just getting better and better! Tell Tanner I must be getting better looking haha, it's probably because I get to wear short sleeves so they can see my huge biceps! 
Oh mom guess what? I have been making all natural coconut rice pudding!!!! Oh it is soooo good! So what I do is go find some taka under coconut trees, taka is the older coconuts that fall off the tree and they have the hard white stuff in the middle! Then I husk the coconut so it looks like the hard coconuts that you can buy in the states.  Then I crack that open and I grade it into shavings with this thing they call a pwaker, and I do about 4 coconuts every time.  Then I Squeeze all of the milk out into rice with some brown sugar, oh it is so freaking good, reminds me of home! 
Oh and I watched them make coconut oil, they call it tika! I bought a big bottle of it for a dollar haha! I love coconuts they are my favorite thing! 
Well I love you all so much, thanks so much for the package I was super happy when I got it, and I think Elder Huppe was even Happier! 

Love Elder Hunter

The Chuuk Zone 20 Elders and 2 Senior Couples

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