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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Puda the Island Steroid!

Hey hey hey family! Shea is lifting weights huh? We should arm wrestle! Hey since you are already getting shea some protein you should send me a bunch. I eat a lot of puda which is the island steroid! So i am getting Huge! 
This week was sweet, every night we got kids to bring us mai or puda every night so we would cook it together, squeeze the coconut milk in to it and cook some come or rice to have something else to go with it, ahh it was so awesome, it is so good, i love it! 
The food here is so good I like it more and more every day. My favorite food here is sukosuk puda and mai, mai is bread fruit if you forgot! 
This week there was a funeral and so that kind of messed with teaching and it was super weird! We had to drop a dollar in the coffin to get a plate of food haha it was weird! 
My language is getting really good, I can understand a ton, I just can't say every thing that I want to say! 
I love  the people more and more everyday. Best place in the world!  I love you all so much, thanks for your prayers!
Elder Hunter

On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 4:05 PM, Danielle Hunter <fitmom@thinairboys.com> wrote:
Dear Jameson,
It was so awesome to hear from you, I'm so happy for you, sharing the
gospel with your Chuukese family!! The 18th was a beautiful day for
all of us! This week was a good week, I have been working in the
garden a lot getting everything planted and everything some water
which is a problem you do not have! It's just so beautiful where you
are, I bet nobody ever wants to leave.
The kittens are all doing good we gave away all of Mickeys and Calicos
kittens but I think Mickeys kittens were too young because Mickey was
miserable just so engorged with milk so we got 4 of the kittens back
to keep with there mother a while longer. That was a happy reunion.
Rainee even took 2 kittens! Big step into owning pets.
We are getting excited about our Mexico humanitarian trip, should be a
good experience. Shea has collected 5 missionary suits for his eagle
project to bring to Mexico for the new Elders. And 400 reading glasses
to give away so that is cool. Kaden would like to do an eagle project
for the people in Chuuk so you will have to let us know what you think
they might need.
I love my primary class, last week we gave them their own Book of
Mormon, they were so excited, this week we talked about how important
it is to have scriptures to help us keep the commandments. In
sacrament the topic was also on scriptures and how important it was
for Lehi to go back and get the scriptures, so they could teach there
children and the generations to come. I love the scriptures and I love
church so I can recommit myself to read more consistently and with
greater purpose. As a family we read the Joseph Smith history, and now
we are going to read the Pearl of Great Price, we set a goal to read
and pray every night and we have made it 3 weeks!! I'm so glad that
you love the scriptures, what an opportunity to dedicate 2 years to
the Lord, and then after your mission you just keep doing it, and your
life will be so blessed.
It's memorial weekend so the kids don't have school on Monday then
they only have 1 week left yaaa.
We are on our way to the cemetery to see grandma Hunters parents,
tomorrow we will go to my dads grave, then have a picnic with my mom
so that should be fun.
I ran 10 miles on Saturday my last mile the "eye of the tiger" song
came on and I ran faster and thought of YOU!
I love you so much, I'm so happy for you, and so proud, I talk about
you to everyone!
Can't wait to hear from you, we just love your letters, and look
forward to it all week.
Take care my boy, I love you!
Have a great day and sleep sweet at night,
Love Mom

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