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Monday, June 10, 2013

Chuukese Flu

Mom I really miss you! I really miss you! I have never realized how crappy it is being sick until I got sick with no one to take care of me!haha it really sucked super bad, Elder Huppe just isn't the same, and he really does not know how to give foot rubs!! haha just kidding I would never let him touch my feet! Anyway this week was a crazy, interesting week it was all over the place! ok so last p day it was like 9:30 and my companion told we that I was going to do an exchange with Elder Kleven in Wichap Tuesday and Wednesday, so that was kind of unexpected and I was pretty nervous! Just me and Elder Kleven, and Elder Kleven doesn't know much chuukese and my chuukese is not great, so it was scary! So we got back to our house and throw all our stuff inside and then we say good bye to the Zone leaders! Then we go inside and go into my bedroom and my stuff is all over and a bunch of stuff got stollen! I guess this has happened a bunch before  in Wichap! They didn't take really any important stuff just stuff that he could sell really fast! He took my White Watch the one that Britni gave to me and I was super super angry! That is the only thing that I was mad about! So how he broke in is he just hung by the roof and he kicked in our ac box! So now even though we could never use it now it is smashed and there was a big hole in the wall, ahah pretty crazy! So we just put it back the best we could and went to bed, haha I slept with a machete right next to me!haha so the next day me and elder Kleven were all on our own, and it was crazy! it was awesome though having to talk to everyone more that I usually would, because with elder Huppe he does most of the talking. So it was a super good thing having to do all of the talking!! I did all of the talking, and it was super fun finding people, because people are never at there house! And even more that day because there was a mima (funeral) but I found out were the mima was so me and elder kleven dropped our dollar and got our food with 2 of or members, A-chuk the kid that I baptized and another member who is super funny! His name is Casto he always sells us coconuts and tons of local food, he is the one that I took a video of him climbing the tree! Then the rest of the day we just went out and I taught a ton of people, it was super scary at first but it was awesome I taught lessons all day, and then I would look at elder Kleven and he would read his testimony! It was a super good learning experience for me! Ok so Wednesday night we walked down to go switch back, I kind of didn't want to, I liked being the boss haha. So we walked to this place called blue lagoon and we ate there it was super good, all I got was a bannana split and fried icecream it was sooo good. so we started walking back and it was already dark, and we didn't have a flash light haha so i stepped in some big puddles on accident haha! So we were walking and we saw these kids dancing so we stopped to watch because they were really good, like most chuukese kids! So then I realized that he had a really nice white watch, so we confronted him and he made up a bunch of storys about where he got it, but I ended up buying my own watch from him for 20 bucks, which was lame, but even though  it was something small like a watch I think that was a miracle! I was super happy that I got it back that is all I really cared about getting back! Alright then we went to bed and in the morning we were watching these training videos and I started getting really cold and a little weak! so I put on every hoody and sweat shirt that I had on and wrapped myself in a blanket and I was freezing, my comp was sweating like crazy, it is like 100 degrees and i was freezing. Then it was just a blur and I woke up on Saturday! I spent most of my time on the can I don't wat to say what I was doing! It was awful! 

love elder Hunter

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