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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chuukese Hair Cut

Dear Family,

I decided that I will send you a letter at least once a month! So here we go... Its kinda hard to think of what to write because I will email you to. So I think that in my email I will tell you about my week and in this letter I will tell you about the people I have been teaching.
We have been teaching a lot of lessons and a lot of people, I don't know where to start. Ok so we have been meeting with our recent converts BigMan and Atong almost every day, they are awesome. Atong goes teaching with us a lot in Wichap, and BigMan goes with us down by his house in Epidupe. BigMan is awesome he loves to have us over, we always help him out with stuff. His family makes us food. This week we helped him and his cousin plant a bunch of banana trees, and he gave me a tree of my own to plant. It is going to be cool to watch it grow.
We have been teaching these two sisters Ke and Mixi, they are awesome, they really want to learn. We gave them a book of Mormon last week and now their whole family is reading it. It is really awesome. I can already see them changing. One of these days you will get an email or letter telling you about their whole family being baptized!! That is going to be an amazing day. I believe that it can happen.
There is this little boy I think he is 11 or 12 his name is A-Chuk he is a punk, he reminds me a lot of Landon, haha. I think that he will be the next one baptized, he knows everything super good and he knows that the church is true, he is just a wild man. haha He is a really good kid though.
There are a bunch of little girls that we go see all the time. I have a bunch of pictures with them that you have  probably seen. One of them is named Keonin and she is almost ready to be baptized. Her mom and dad are both members but they don't usually come to church because there is a big osukisuk. Her mom attends sometimes but it is usually just her. She always comes with the girl that I baptized Narcian, they are super cute and way funny. The kids here are so funny. They jump and run and play all over me. They want me to lift them up and hold them every second that I am with them haha. "upwe mogno okasi" they always say that. That means I will eat your candy! haha! there are the cutest kids here. haha mom you would love it here because all of the little kids and babies never ever wear clothes. haha its super funny. Most of the time guys aren't wearing a shirt at their house.  When we teach them and when we pray they always put a shirt on or wrap them selves up in a towel. haha Another awkward thing, whenever their babies are hungry the moms just whip it out and feed their babies. Right in the middle of a lesson, when ever they want haha. That was weird at first, but I have gotten used to it. But the first time it happened, I was just like what!! Woooo!! and was super surprised and just looked the other way the whole time. Now it is not even weird it is just their culture.
There is a lot of weird things about Chuukese culture, not weird just different. One thing is when you eat, if you slurp your food a lot that means that it is something that you really like. It is bad to do like yard work and stuff after 2:00pm Idk why. I think its just because that is when the sun is the hottest, that's why everyone gets up way early. It is bad to puff up your cheeks, that is pretty much like flipping someone off. haha It is bad to sharpen your knife after it gets dark!? Because that means that you are going to chop someone. You always have to take off your shoes when you go into someones house, even if their floor is just dirt, and most of the time it is.
There is like ten different ways to shake someones hand. You can just shake it, you can shake their hand and put your other hand over theirs that is like a sign of pwi pwi like brothers/really good friends. Then you can shake your hand and put your other hand under your wrist, and that is a sign of respect. And you can just keep moving your hand up closer to your elbow the more respect you have for them, and putting it under your elbow is the most respectful thing that you can do. You would do it to people in high positions, religious leaders, the president, old people, people do it to us all the time.
Oh I got my first Chuukese haircut, and it was awesome. I look just like dad in his missionary picture. Really short on the sides and long on top. It was a scary experience at first. So I go up to this guy's house Tpays, he is like the Mob Boss of Wichap. He is super buff and he grows tons of weed. He is also the young men's and young women's president! He is like 27 years old. He is super awesome. He told me that he was super good at cutting hair for all of his cousin and stuff that he cut their hair and it looked really good. All these crazy designs and stuff. So I'm up there and he comes out with a pair of scissors and a comb. I thought he would have a pair of buzzers. So I was a little nervous.  He tells me to sit on a cinder block, I told him what I wanted and then he went to town. Just sitting on a cinder block out side next to a fotong - a cook house. And I couldn't see anything that was happening, so when he was done I told him Kiblsou - thank you and walked all the way home to see what I looked like. I was covered in hair and just feeling my head. It felt really short. Got home looked in the mirror and it was awesome.
I am getting really strong!! haha I have been doing a ton of pull ups and push ups. I do 150 pull ups and 400 push ups every day except Sunday. The boys here call me Kechof Kechof or Jaiwalk a wak which just means ripped or really strong.
I think that the rainy season is coming, it has been raining quite a lot, I try to shower out side when ever it rains, it is the best.
I love you all so much!!
Some of the boys here have been helping me make Landon's Birthday present, and I realized that I couldn't leave all the bros out. I know they will all love these things we are making.

Love, Elder Hunter

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