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Monday, May 6, 2013

Peanut butter and Nutella

Thank you so much for that last package, peanut butter and nutella was that best thing in the world. I never knew that I missed it that much, and peanut butter is crazy expensive here. For one the same size that you sent me it is 8 or 9 dollars. Every morning, we buy these little banananas from this kid, and they are way smaller then any other bananas. They are a little bigger than your thumb, I will send pictures. It is awesome I put like 15 bananas on a plate and put peanut butter and nutella on them and eat while I study. It was the best thing ever. Transfers are this week, so people are going all over this place but we dont know yet.
I have been doing super great. The work is awesome Elder Huppe and I have been teaching so many people we are going to get a ton of baptisms.
We like never have power though, haha it is awesome.
So did get my letter with my memory and all the pictures? I was worried that it wouldn't make it, you have to hide expensive stuff like in peanut butter or a box of cookies.
I have been doing a lot of push ups and pull ups every morning, I want to go running but Elder Huppe is still hurt. This week Elder Jones went home, I couldn't believe it. I swear that I just meet him. He has been a really good missionary, he helped me a ton with everything, expecialy the language, he could speak chuukese like he was a native it was amazing. I loved him. I can't believe that I have been out a transfer, time is flying. Sorry I can't send longer letters. 

Oh guess what, I am starting to get some crazy facial hair. I have to shave everyday or I look like a mountain man. I cant wait to grow a huge beard! i

Love you all so much!

Love Elder Hunter

Preparing breadfruit for sale at market

We hiked through the jungle to visit members and the Branch President.  We visited with Anson and Pepsi.

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