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Monday, May 20, 2013

Tiffany's Home Coming & Big Mans Baptism

Hey family how is it going, you have no idea, how freaking good I am
doing! This week was probably the best week so far on my mission. Was Landon baptized on may 18? If he was that is the coolest thing in the whole word. Because this Saturday I baptized two people
Big Man, and Atong!!!!!! Oh it was the best thing ever, and because
Landon got baptized on the same day that makes it soooo much better.
It was amazing, we had the baptism at the end of this coral dock type
thing it was way amazing. Ohh haha and I gave a talk!! So Landon can
just pretend that I gave a talk at his baptism and talked about theHoly Ghost! 
But no one would under stand me at Landon's baptism because I
talked in chuukese. It was a scary experience but an amazing experience. The
baptisms were soooo good, everyone loves me so they both wanted me to
baptize them, Tanner was right!!! The good looking missionaries get way
more baptisms hahah. The baptisms were super good, all three of us were just smiling the whole time. 
I want to send you the pictures super bad because they are so sweet but
the internet isn't working great. We are killing it Elder Huppe and I, we are
hoping to have another baptism this week.
You don't need to worry about me at all, I love  it here, I am being taken care of for sure.
Thank you for all of the prayers I can truly feel them, especially
on those hard days.
I love you all so much. Tell Britni that she is going to be the best missionary ever, and she will love Alaska. Tell her I love her and she should wear a really big coat so I know she is warm.
Chuuk is awesome I love it more and more everyday. I love you so much! 
Tell Landon I have his present. I am just waiting until I have a bunch of crazy cool stuff to send home. 
I can't believe Landon got baptized the same day that I baptized my two chuukese brothers, pretty cool. Love you all so much! 
Love, Elder Hunter

ps. send lots of peanut butter and cliff bars
pps. I am getting my companion to go vegetarian with me! hahaha I'm 
kicking his butt into shape!!

On 5/20/13, Danielle Hunter <fitmom@thinairboys.com> wrote:
We just had the greatest Sunday ever right after church we drove up to Centerville to the Tiffany's home coming it was awesome! There were about 8 elders that came and sang the Chuukese Mission song, so cool. We got to talk to elder Jones, he said what a great missionary you are and that you are learning the language quickly, he was very impressed with you, the vegetarian that eats meat haha! He also  said that lots of people really like you are now more interested in the church!! We also talked to Elder Fisher who was Elder Huppe's trainer, he opened up the Wichap area and he was so excited that you are teaching Big Man!! It was super cool to talk to the Elders and the Tiffany's they also said how well you are learning the language, they said you will be a trainer in no time. They said where you are is definitely the most primitive but the most beautiful. Elder Fisher said he got robbed 12 times but it didn't matter that much, you would see some one in your clothes and they would just give it back to you, they don't think of it as robbing just sharing. Tiffany's  said the scary looking gangsters are really nice people they just look scary. They all talked about the kids how they are everywhere and how cute they are and how even 18 month old kids use Machetes! They said thankfully there are no guns, said the people are mostly peaceful except when they are drunk. Told us about this old guy named Frosty how he would wear crazy  outfits every day, speedo vest and boots, his favorite!! He would always say "Elders can I have a dollar" Elder Tiffany would say you give me $5 and I will give you a dollar! Haha so many crazy stories, I hope you are keeping a journal!!
Anyways it was great to get a feel for what it's like where you are, and talk to people who were with you! All the elders just thought it was the adventure of a life time!
Landon's baptism was awesome!! You are his greatest example and your not even here. He got scripture and a case just like you, and he wanted a new tie just like Jameson! And he picked out a way cool tie!!
Thank you for being you!! Shea gave a talk on Baptism and Kaden gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. They did an awesome job! It was an amazing day!
We hope we hear from you today, I love you so much, have an awesome day.
Love you , Mom
These letters are backwards, I wrote him this letter first then he replied.

Eel sauce anyone

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