620 W Route 8
Barrigada, Guam 96913


Friday, June 6, 2014

Transferred to Guam

So you already know but I am in Guam! I am going to blow this place up that is for sure and I don't know if guam will be able to handle it! I already have 6 and maybe more Chuukese people that i am going to get baptized it is sick I freaking love the Chuukese  people here but everyone else I'm not a big fan of. White people and the Guam  people they got no respect, haha it kinda sucks haha they just don'tlove missionaries   like all chuukese! 

hahah I suck at english it is embarrassing  I feel like I sound like a looser so I let my comp to most of the talking until we find some Chuukese! I am freezing in the car and in the house   my comp loves ac haha!
Well thats about it, 

bringing Chuuk to Guam,
Love,    Elder Hunter

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