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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Take it Easy

It's awesome that Lucas' team won the championship! Of course they won - that kid is a tank! He can run down anybody. It's super fun. You always know you're gonna have a good team when you have good coaches. It doesn't matter what the team starts out as, it's all about the coaches.

The weather has been fine. It rains like everyday, but that's just normal. It's been super windy this week, but no real storm. I don't think that the typhoon is coming to us. I haven't heard about any warning, so no need to worry. Thank you so much for the boxes. Those pistachios were the best things ever. I feel like I'm just gonna eat them all in one day. I have to pull myself away from them. The macaroni is gonna be the best thing in the world. It's how we're going to survive out here. Thank you so much for the scriptures, they're great too. 

Funny story: So there's this guy named Francis. He is the commissioner of Wichap. He's crazy. He gets drunk like everyday. We always see him and he says the funniest stuff to us. He always reminds me of Nacho Libre because he says "Take it easy". "You take it easy for me, and I'll take it easy for you". He's super funny. I almost tried to buy some of his land for a dollar and a ramen but he wanted $1000. Maybe you'll have to send me a $1000 dollars and I'll buy 50 acres out here. This is where we can live FOREVER! For the rest of our lives in paradise. Haha.

We have been teaching a ton of new people just talking to everyone asking them to meet with us. We have a ton of super solid investigators. This one girl her name is Atrita. We've taught her a couple times and she is super good. Last week we went up to teach her and she said that she was going to Fefan (another island) because she was sick of Wichap. So that fast sunday I fasted for her that she wouldn't leave and that she would stay in Wichap so we could get her baptized. On Sunday we went to see if she was still home and we couldn't find her. The people didn't know if she'd left or not. So we kind of thought that she had already left. I was bummed out. But on Tuesday, that next week, we went up to go see her and make sure that she was gone. We went to her house and nobody told us where she was they just said we would need to check somewhere else. So we went house to house to house looking for her. We got to this random house and began talking to a bunch of kids and one of our investigators and we found her! she didn't leave after all! She doesn't even know why she didn't leave. She just felt like she needed to stay! It's so awesome. Awesome miracle.

How's it back in Utah!? How's the weather!? Is it snowing? How cold is it? What else is going on with soccer and stuff like that? 


Elder Hunter

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