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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Robbed they even took my tooth paste

WOW i have a freaking tough mom! wow i cant even imagine 4:26 of
running that is freaking crazy! Wow that is super awesome!!!!!! and super cool that everyone was there running with you. That would be super cool! If you are planning on doing another marathon when i get back, i will do it with you! How hard could it be right! I will just bring a book and i can read when i get bored! haha but i will do it with you if you want!!! That sounds like fun! 4 hours of just hanging out with my mom!
6 months crazy crazy, but this week was not the best week! We got broken into again! haha but this time they took everything! They even
took my tooth paste and deodorant!! It was super lame! They took all of our food so this week all we ate was chuukese food! I loved it because i love the food but jonas did not like it!! They also took all of my shorts and shirts, all the solar charger stuff, pretty much every
thing but my
proselytizing clothes haha! I don't think they will break in again! There is nothing to steel! haha but other than that i still love it here! haha but Elder Jonas has been pretty upset this week. I don't let it bother me! The work is going good we should have another baptism this week! I love you all so much keep sending me pictures and letters! I love you mom, dad shea, kaden, lucas, landon, chase. Miss you all! Love Elder Hunter

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