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Saturday, September 28, 2013

What would Jesus do?

Ok that is super funny that you said that Christ would baptize the
robbers hahah. I started talking to one of the guys that helped rob us
and first I was super mad. I just wanted to shoot him with a pichinko but I thought the same thing, Jesus wouldn't shoot him he would help him. I started teaching him and he has totally changed his life around. He is probably going to be baptized next week!
I still didn't get any of my stuff back but that is ok! I don't really
know what I want you guys to send! um if you could tell dad to look on
amazon for a english Chuukese/Trukese Dictionary, I have a white one
with a pot looking thing on it but it kinda sucks, so tell him to look
for a green one or something! I will let you know if there is anything that I need! 
I don't really have anything but that just means that there is nothing to
steal haha! I love you all so much, the work is is quickening like
crazy you can definitely see the Lord speeding things up! Elder J is doing awesome, we get along super good! 
I love you, I am sending a box today! 

Love Elder Hunter

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