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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kingdom of Wichap

My beloved mother, I am sorry I am a horrible son, I suck at emailing, I am still alive and well, I still preside in the kindom of Wichap, Elder Jonas and I are doing sooo freaking awesome. We just had the best baptisms ever, it was so awesome, we were both soooo freaking exited.
It was the best thing in the world! The teaching has been way great!
It is still super crazy doing everything, but Elder Jonas is learning a ton, it is awesome! Elder peck says hi. Hey if you want to would you send me the Willow! I need it super bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you
mother, hey when I got a huge letter full of pictures, that was the best thing in the world, you should keep that kind of stuff coming all of the time!

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