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Sunday, June 16, 2013


HAPPY FATHERS DAY, fathers day is actually a big deal all of the churches have parties and there is tons of food, that is probably why not very many people came to church, because they went to a church that was having a party! 
Thanks so much for the box with the clif bars and stuff it was the best thing ever! I am sending a box today so get ready! Sorry I don't ever send long emails I just don't really have time and the internet is really slow, and i am the slowest typer in the world so that doesnt help. 
Lets see not that much stuff went on this week! The A.P.'s came to Chuuk and they have been here all week and it was cool! I got to go teaching with one of them, Elder Gasu, it is awesome I learned alot of sweet stuff, he is super cool! He has served most of his mission in Pohnpei so he speaks Pohnpeian but he knows Chuukese really good and he had to learn some crazy outer island language called Mortlockese i think, so he is the Man! There was another funeral this week so Elder Huppe and I got to eat like kings again it was sweet. They always make the best food! Oh and i am sending home my memory card with my box so you can see a bunch of pictures! Landon i am finaly sending your B day presents so i hope that your not mad at me! Don't be mad landon hahah its coming! Dad Happy Birthday, it is weird not being home for all of this stuff! Dad how old did you you turn this year, 37 right or is it 36? With how much you are bench pressing it has got to be around there!:) Well family i love you guys so much you are always in my prayers! I had a scripture that i wanted to share with you but i forgot what it was haha oh well all of the scriptures are awesome!!

Transfers are this week so who knows what is going to happen! Who knows where i will be when i next email you or if i even get to email where i am! because all of the outer islands only get to email once a month if that, so i guess we will see! Next week you will have a crazy email this one isn't to interesting! i am kinda nervous, everyone keeps saying that i am going to train someone, and that would be crazy, but i will let you know what happens and where i go or if anything changes! 
Love you family! Love Elder Hunter

P-day basketball with the Chuuk zone and APs

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