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Sunday, July 27, 2014

President Mecham's Homecoming

First Off Shout Out To Elder Martin #1 Couple Missionary 

Wow it sounds like the Mecham's homecoming  was really awesome!! They are really amazing!

This week has been awesome! So do you remember my son? Elder Jonas? So 3 weeks ago he had a son of his own Elder Andrada 5' and 120 lbs he is strait from the Phillipines ! He doesn't speak a lick of English! I am a grandfather!!!!:) so he was in Chuuk on romanom with Jonas for like 3 weeks and then got kicked out and had to come to Guam because he didn't  have some police clearance thing so he could only stay for 3 weeks! Now he is staying with grandpa! Haha

It has been so fun it is just like I get to train again! I get to teach him English and Chuukese  and he is teaching me tagalog so I will be able to talk to Camden! Haha
He is so funny we are always just laughing and having a good time, and he is a super good cook! expert cook! So now that we are in a three some we will just do splits a ton and just blow up our area and do super good!

Alright well i love you all so much you are #1
ai tongei kemi!\

Elder Hunter  

Mechams Homecoming

I'm sending you my notes:

Sister Mecham
President would Challenge new missionaries to read the Book of Mormon in 6 weeks!
Miracles every day! Elders change!
Story Francisca - stay the course! she was taking the missionary discussions and it came time to either get married or move out, her common law spouse wanted nothing to do with the gospel so she left and he took the kids, devastating but she knew she needed to "stay the course" have faith that it would work out. Then she found out that her husbands sisters who were watching  the kids got baptized!! from missionaries on the other side of the island!
God is good!
Obedience brings blessings! Strict obedience brings miracles!!
Help of senior missionaries,
Now 16 missionaries serving from MIcronesia.
Every child is important!! Gods children in the tiny islands in the middle of the Pacific are important! The church is true!

President Mecham
Heavenly Father involved in the details!!
Need the gospel now in order for everyone to be happy!!
Isaiah 29 marvelous work and a wonder! BOM foundation for restoration!
1 Nephi 14:30
Joseph smith disturber and an annoyer!! Pres Mecham said you could ask any of his siblings, he was a disturber and an annoyer, I laughed and thought of your childhood haha!! Have to be bold in teaching and
sharing the gospel! These amazing missionaries are disturber and an annoyance to Satans plan of misery. Gods plan is the plan of happiness!
Simple things extraordinary results.
He asked the elders to invite
everyone  to be baptized in the first lesson!! Everyone needs the blessing of the gospel now, no reason to wait!
Hasten the work!!
March to June 2013 the missionary  force doubled. Behind every number a face, a child of God, need the gospel now!
221 missionaries 30 couples!
Saw many miracles, spirit prompts, act promptly, quickly! Spirit is
powerful! 18-19 year olds goofy kids but powerful teachers!
Jump you will soar!! Let it go, exercise faith! Our duty to invite,
don't be impolite invite! Get uncomfortable! This is the true church!!
The Savior will come.
His power is great!

He is just like you said, he speaks with fire and conviction!!

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