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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Home Town, Wichap

Dear Family,
This week was a super busy one I am soooo tired I just want to sleep all of today! But that prabably wont happen! We have still been teaching a lot of chuukese, and they are progressing super good! konsita the lady that was baptized   two weeks ago is doing super good and just helping us out with the work a ton! Her son is doing super good! His name is TN and his wife is Tina and they are awesome if everything goes well they should be able to be baptized this month or next! Oh and we had a super cool finding experience this week! So we were just driving around knocking on doors and door after door was just slamed in or faces and then there was this one door at the end of the street (Nothing) so i got to thinking we were in the wrong place so we went to this apartment complex and went up and up and up the stairs and then there was this one lady (Nothing) you see were i am going with this!? hahah so we just pulled on the side of the road and it was almost 9 so we were about to go home and then this guy knocked on our window and I could tell that he was chuukese so we set up an apointment for the next day and when we went back there was just this huge family of like 16 or so and they are from my home town wichap so it is perfect! We might as well just put on the baptismal clothes hahah just kidding but it was super cool!

It was a super good week oh by the way I am in the south my area is in talafofo. elder Pita from chuuk is my district leader haahh he trys to be hahah jk! elder Hatch is my comp and he was in my mtc group and one of our zone leaders is elder afualu and he was also in my mtc group so it is pretty fun! And a lot of members feed us in Guam hahah I haven't bought grocery's yet!

love you all!

Elder Hunter

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