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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Scribe

What the heck are you doing giving away all my Skatos!? (Chuukese skirts) Those aren't just for you! those are for me when I get home! That's all I wear here
when I'm not in proselyting clothes. I'm just kidding you can give
them away just don't give them all away. Only give them to loved ones
and family that I would approve of. I'm sending a ton more today.
You'll love them all. There's some funny ones, some super good ones,
some weird ones, and some more mumu's for the grandmas. The coral pwos I just buy from people when they need money the come and sell me their
stuff. Same with all the phillipine darts they make those and then ask
me to buy them. Only the outer islands know how to make the pwos so
not very many people. What's going on with this cruise? I didn't know
you guys were even going and it sounds super fun but I still have
never been on a cruise. However, I'm living in paradise so it doesn't
matter. Have fun in not quite as good paradise... just with more food.
Speaking of food, I could use some more boxes. I love all the candy
and so do the little kids. I haven't gotten peanut butter or nutella
in a while. I think you're forgetting bout your favorite missionary.
Just kidding I know you'd never forget about me. I have a question:
could you fill up a box full of macaroni and cheese? Jonas got some
and it was the best thing in the world.

Our house is now a prison. We dont' have any windows and for a month
or so we didn't have A/C. It was just an oven. I had to sleep on the
floor instead of the kiaki because if I didn't lay on the tile I would
sweat ALL night. But I do love the floor now. It's super nice. I can
move all over the place like a giant bed. California King style! I
can't wait to go camping because I'll have no problem sleeping
anywhere. Now that we have A/C, It's super nice and cold, but now it's
too cold because I'm used to the heat. Things in Wichap are going
super good. It's transfers this week and I hope I get to stay. Me and
Jonas have been teaching so many different people and finding so many
different people, for awhile there all we were doing was looking for
new investigators. My district leader says he's really proud. His name
is Elder Peck. He's the man. You probably know his mother as she is
the leader of the fan club. If you don't know her get in touch. I
think you guys are really alike and you love to talk. You'd be best

The work here is going super good. We've found a bunch of super cool
investigators that we've been teaching a lot. The Spirit has been
working super hard with all of them. I can see how prepared they
really are to hear and receive this gospel. It is such a blessing to
be here in Chuuk. We should have a bunch of baptisms in November. Five
or six.

I bet you're wondering why I'm typing so much. It's not because I've
been sitting here forever, it's because Elder Peck's companion, Elder
simpson, who came from Guam last transfer, is a super fast typer and
said he would be my scribe.

Last week I had a super cool miracle. Me and Elder Jonas were fasting
to try to find a some super solid investigators and we were going all
throughout the day teaching, talking to people, and didn't find too
many good ones just ones that
liked talking to us. Then we got home and we both said our own prayers
to end the fast and ask what to do and where to go. I felt prompted to
just go outside and study by the basketball court. Right when I got
here there was a guy just sitting out there. I was a little scared to
talked to him so I just sat there and waited for him to talk to me. If
he talked to me I knew he would be the one we were looking for. 30
seconds of just sitting there and he started talking to me. He is way
freakin' prepared to learn the gospel. He has a book of Mormon and has
read it and loved it but he's never been taught or anything he's just
seen the missionaries. It's been super fun teaching him. He just eats
it up like candy.

Tell me all about this cruise. It sounds like it's gonna be super fun.
No where near our sailing trip though. Tell me how the food is because
that's what I'm most interested in. Take lots of pictures. Oh, will
you send me the Hobbit soundtrack and the movie Willow? Please SEND
the movie WILLOW, you can't forget! Maybe some other good church
movies. I love you all. Think and pray about you all the time. Just
kidding I kind of forget about you all out here but don't worry I
always pray for you. I get lost out here in the work. Where is the
time going? Who knows.


Elder Hunter

Some great Skatos

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