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Sunday, August 11, 2013


My Dearest Mother, 

The one and only one mother of me! I want express my deepest sorrows for my inconsiderate manner which has left you with out knowledge of my comings and goings! To which again I dwell in my cave of eternal regret, for leaving you in this state of wanting, hopping, and praying for a few sweet words from my lips! There are so many words that I need to bring to pass, so many that I can't explain with words! There will be an incredible letter for you waiting! There was a time when time stood still! Now the time disappears I don't know where it goes! I love you so much!
I am sorry that I suck at emailing and writing I have just been so freaking busy! Training has been freaking crazy! It is amazing going from only teaching a little bit to teaching 100% of the lessons and talking to every one! I love it and I am learning so fast it is awesome! My companion is as old as Shea it is super weird May 2 1995! It is super weird! I love him and I am doing my best to help the Lord teach him! Once I figured out that I was just a tool every thing has gotten a lot easier! I have been put everything in the lords hands and wow it is awesome! Sometimes I say things that come out of no where and it makes sense hahah! I love you all so much, I am sending the memory card today! But I think I am going to buy another memory card because I have almost 2000 pictures, I might need you to send me another one because I take a lot of pictures.
I have presents for you Chase and Lucas I am just waiting for this guy to make some awesome stuff! 
I love you all!
Elder Hunter

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