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Monday, April 8, 2013

Chuuk Wichap Branch

HEY EVERYBODY is it still cold in utah because it never gets below 80 here and I freaking love it. I have not had a problem with the heat yet, I love it. I was born to live in this climate, even nights I sleep like a baby and we don't have AC at all we just have a fan which is pretty nice.
I don't even know where to begin, I am just loving it here so much, I am having so much fun. 
My companion is great, he knows chuukese soooo good and he is so good with all of the people but especially the kids. I love the kids here they are the best thing about this place, they love me already even though I only know a little bit of chuukese they teach me more and more every day. 
Almost no one knows english only a couple of kids that have just picked it up from missionaries and such and then people that have lived in Guam and the US. I think that makes it easier to learn the language because you don't have the option of speaking in english. 
I want to know chuukies soooo bad, and I am working so hard to learn it. I am putting everything in the Lords hands and I am seeing where he wants me to go and what he wants me to do. I can already feel the blessings and I feel the spirit so much. I get prompted to do little things all the time and if I do them it turns out to be awesome. On Saturday I told a bunch of kids that they better come to church and they didn't really understand me but I have got really good with talking with my hands and Elder Huppe told them. Most of them showed up, and it was an amazing testimony meeting, the spirit was so strong and even though I couldn't undrstand most of it, it was awesome. I even bore my testimony in chuukese!!!! yeah crazy right, I wrote it out but I only looked at it a couple of times. I love my little Wichap branch I love it here. 
Ok the food I bet you are wondering a lot about the food and this strange stuff called bread fruit. They call it mai and it is super good I love it, I could it it all day. So what the do with it is they peel it, then the cook it, and after they cook it they call it tipin, which i think is sooooo good. Then they take the tipin and then pound it with a hammer looking thing (po) and they pound it until it looks like play dough or pretty much just like bread dough. They call that kon. That is pretty much the same as tipin just a different texture and a little sticky, but it is so good and filling. I also drink a lot of coconuts or nuu, I love them so much, I make the kids climb the trees and pick me lots so our fridge is pretty much full. We also eat a lot of rice, beans, tuna, and spam, not a big fan of spam. Oh and the fish here is super good, didn't like fish until I tried the fish here, but not sardines ugh gross. Oh I forgot to tell you more about the kids, they all love music. They walk around with speakers and there usbs or ipods and just blast music and they are all soooo good at dancing even the little kids. It is sooo sweet Britni would Love it here. So where we live is pretty much the cool place to be, because of the open space, the church and the basketball court. The rim got ripped  off by me dunking it to hard. Every night and most of the day it is a party at our house and they just hang out dance and chill. It can be really annoying when I'm trying to sleep. 
I love you all so much tell Britni and her family I love them. I miss you all!   

The one and only  Chuukies Elder Hunter

Any mail for me today!!

Elder Hunter, Elder Blocher and Elder Kleven 

 The Trukstop

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